Principal’s message

Greetings from the State University of Padang!
I am very happy to welcoming you in UPT LI’s website.

Padang State University is determined to consistently position itself as one of the best universities of higher education in Indonesia and in the ASEAN region. However, gradually and sustainably the State University of Padang will continue to advance towards global rankings. Padang State University in the process also continue to strive to always increase its capacity in realizing various activities with an international dimension in research, teaching, learning and community service for the entire academic community of the University. In addition, Padang State University also continues to develop and realize various networks with various universities from all over the world. Padang State University is also proud of being a member of several leading educational associations such as ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA), USINTEC (US-Indonesia Teacher Consortium), CAPEU (Consortium of Asia Pacific Education Universities) and other various reputable international associations.

The International Service Technical Support Unit (UPT-LI) of Padang State University has determined to be a major pioneer in the university environment in developing and implementing the internationalization strategy of Padang State University. Also, UPT LI also acts as center mobility for the entire Community University to collaborate internationally, as well as a partnership service center. Therefore, with the spirit of working together, we are proud to give a warm welcome to our colleagues around the world to work together in education, research and community service.

Our website will be a function as a new door for you to get all of the information about UPT-LI. In this site, you will get the information of how are the experience of study and the experience to live in Indonesia, especially in the State University of Padang that had well natural surroundings, friendly society, fresh weather, various cultures, and also various unique foods. We are also offering various programs, such as study, scholarships, and exchange students.

This website also will give wide and open information for the students of Padang State University to get the information about various programs that we offered such as exchange students with various campuses of Padang State University’s partners from all over the world. We are also inviting to all of the academic colleagues in the environment of Padang State University to use this website to find a way of how to engage with international partners around the world.

It is a proud for us when you have a time to visit this website and we are also hoping very much that you willing to provide input to us both related to the program and content of this website. You can also contact one of our staff if there are any questions that you still doubt and need to know.


Ananda Putra, Ph.D
Head of International Office
email : international.office@unp.ac.id

Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.
Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.